The Rwandan Genocide


    Women who were raped and tortured by men usually bore children. Children born out of rape are called “shamed children." These children were shunned by society and all people alike.


    They lost it all. Women lost their homes, their loved ones, and had to decide to keep the babies born of rape or give them to orphanages.Women were probably the most affected by this genocide. Women who decided to keep their babies born of rape had a lot of burdens. They were looked down by society, had to keep other orphans, and had very little money to support their children.

People Involved in the Genocide

    People are still plagued with images from the horror, both Tutsis and Hutus. Hutus have to carry the burden of knowing that they killed their own friends and neighbors. The fact that they back stabbed the people they worked with. The Tutsis had to carry being raped, seeing rape, and seeing their loved ones killed. Even though the genocide has ceased, the horrors from then, will they ever go away?